Psychiatry Services

Summit Emotional Health was founded with the goal of providing the Richmond community with a comprehensive and collaborative team of exceptionally qualified clinicians. This team includes two psychiatric providers available for our “talk therapy” clients interested in medication evaluation and management. Our therapists and psychiatrists work closely together to ensure each client receives quality emotional healthcare. Other collaborative specialties at Summit include mindfulness, psychological assessment, and educational support.

Meet Our Psychiatry Providers

Chas Hall, MD, Child Psychiatrist

Dr. Hall joined Summit in January 2016 to provide continuity of care to children and young adults aged 3 to 22, with focus on outpatient diagnostic evaluation and pharmacotherapy, and case management of family needs and resources. He specializes in medication management and coordination of care for clients with neurodevelopmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Hall is a six-time recipient of Richmond Magazine’s “Top Doc” award.

If you are a current client of Dr. Hall’s with a refill question or request, click here for instructions.

Tamara A. Orr, Ph.D., LCP, PMHNP-BC, Psychologist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Tamara Orr joined Summit in September of 2018 to offer medication evaluation and management of mental health disorders for adults of all ages. She partners with clients to provide personalized mental health care by focusing on health education, wellness promotion and prevention of disease through psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and monitoring the effects on mental health and wellness. Tamara collaborates with psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, social workers and other health professionals to provide coordinated client care and case management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a psychiatrist if I am not currently receiving therapy at Summit?

Our Summit psychiatrists are only available to current therapy clients who are interested in exploring and managing medication as an effective supplement to their therapeutic work.

What are your rates for psychiatric services?

Rates for psychiatric services vary depending on clinician, appointment time and complexity. For more information, please see our Payment page or email Amanda Brichta at

What’s the difference between a therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist?

“Therapist” is a general term used to describe any mental health clinician that is licensed to provide psychotherapy or “talk” therapy. Psychologists completed a Ph.D. and are trained to do talk therapy, psychological testing, and research. Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MD) that prescribe medications for psychological purposes.