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Summit Emotional Health was founded with the goal of providing the Richmond community with a comprehensive and collaborative team of exceptionally qualified clinicians, who are committed to listening to your needs and helping you find the solution that’s tailored to your goals.
We are the only “mental health” clinic in Richmond that provides this specific set of comprehensive clinicians that includes “talk” therapists offering diverse treatment approaches as well as collaborative specialists in the areas of psychiatry, mindfulness, comprehensive assessment, and educational support.

To do this, we often have to seek out the right Team member first. Summit Emotional Health is a collection of seasoned professionals that have found their way to our clinic so they could do something differently. Our Team members are comfortable standing out, being a little bit different, playing in the sandbox well with others, teaching others their insights and listening & learning from colleagues about possible areas for growth. Our work is often very difficult and tiring. It is also vitally important. That is why each of us at Summit expect to enjoy our time at work, our work environment, and our trusted colleagues.

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