Meeting the Educational Needs of Your Child During COVID-19

As a parent during this COVID-19 Pandemic, you probably have many questions regarding how to best meet the educational needs of your child. Questions you may have are:

1) Due to the interruptions of the 2019-2020 school year, is my child on grade level?

2) Can the educational needs of my child be met by attending school on a part-time basis and receiving virtual learning the other half?

3) Do I need assistance in identifying my child’s learning style and how he learns best?

4) Are there strategies I can put in place when helping my child with his homework or assignments?

5) If my child has special learning needs, how can I be certain his needs will be met?

If you have any of these questions or concerns, call us to schedule a consult with Alma Morgan, M.Ed., Educational Consultant at Summit Emotional Health. Alma is a 35+ year veteran educator. She will talk with you regarding your concerns, possibly schedule a brief assessment to determine your child’s achievement level, and offer helpful strategies to assist working with your child on homework and assignments.

Through an individual consult, assessment, and feedback session, we can work together to meet the educational needs of your child and help your child grow to his or her maximum potential. To schedule this hour-long consultation ($150), please contact Temple Basham at 804-562-6557 x706 or For more information about our services and costs, please visit our website. We look forward to partnering with you and your family!